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Delphi-Distomon SA

The second largest bauxite producer in Greece and in Europe.


DELPHI-DISTOMON S.A. is the second largest bauxite producer in Greece and in Europe, with an annual output of more than 650,000 tons, exclusively from underground sites.

The most important known – and commercially exploitable – bauxite deposits in Greece are located in the region of Stera, Mainland Greece , especially in the region between Lamia and Athens. Their exploitation in the area of Distomon, in the Prefecture of Viotia, dates back to 1930. Until 1961, when the alumina and aluminium production plant was established, the entire quantity of Greek bauxites produced was destined for export.

Today, the largest part of the domestic bauxite production (1.5 million tons) is used within the country to produce 165,000 tons of Aluminium and 810,000 tons of Alumina.