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Product quality, technical support and customer service are areas where ALUMINIUM is striving for constant improvement of its performance.

Commercial Policy

Trading Policy

For nearly half a century, the operation of ALUMINIUM OF GREECE has been a synonym for the sector’s impressive growth in the wider region and has translated to valuable experience in terms of industrial and trade practices.

With its fully vertically integrated alumina and aluminium production facilities, coupled with the advantage of direct access to sea transport, the Company today offers to its clients flexibility, know-how and dedication to serve their needs through practices that have established it as a major player in the domestic and international market.

Product and Service Quality

ALUMINIUM’s OF GREECE products are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Standard. Company operations are guided by the aspiration to provide high-quality, innovative products and services, and all employees are committed to the Company’s Declaration on Quality Policy.

At the same time, technical collaboration and support at the level of the Company’s individual departments, customer service and the improvement of the overall commercial offering are the key areas where the Company  efforts for continuous improvement.

Pricing Policy

The sale prices for the Company’s products are in line with the framework of the international market for aluminium, and are a function of the following:

  • The international aluminium prices, as these are fluctuating on the London Metal Exchange (LME);
  • The surplus value of the product, as this derives  from the product type, the particularities of the market, and the other terms and conditions of each specific commercial agreement; and
  • The EUR/USD exchange rate (for converting international prices denominated in US Dollars).

Credit Policy

In parallel, with a view to serve its clients, ALUMINIUM OF GREECE applies a commercial credit policy which is in line with the prevailing standards in industry and with the sector’s transaction practices. This policy is accompanied by strict criteria for the selection of clients and by rigorous monitoring of the credit granted to them, in order to minimise commercial risks.

Product sales are the responsibility of the Company’s Commercial Services Direction. For additional information, comments or queries regarding our commercial activities, please contact us at:

Commercial Services
8 Artemidos Str.
GR-15125 Maroussi
Tel.: +30 210 3693106+30 210 3693106
Fax: +30 210 3693108