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Company Responsibility


Corporate Responsibility

ALUMINIUM has repeatedly gained distinctions from the European Aluminium Association and the International Aluminium Institute as a top performer in Occupational Health & Safety.


From its establishment up to this day, the activities of ALUMINIUM OF GREECE have been inextricably linked to the economic growth of the local community in this particular area of Central Greece. The Company’s “traditional” commitment of hiring mainly residents in the Prefecture of Viotia and in the neighboring Prefectures is only one aspect of its contribution. Its other aspects include the Company’s acceptance by the local communities, its collaboration with the Local Government, the evaluation of local needs and the undertaking of initiatives in order to fulfill them.

ALUMINIUM OF GREECE today has an active presence, supporting infrastructures and actions to promote the social, cultural and sport life of the local community. The Company assists the initiatives of volunteer organizations and cultural societies, the local scholarships fund and other public benefit bodies.