Aluminium Applications

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Aluminium Applications

The key characteristics of aluminium are: its low weight, strong resilience to corrosion, versatility and low toxicity. In addition, aluminium is ductile, energy-efficient and recyclable.

Because of these characteristics, aluminium is widely used in aircraft construction, in the automotive industry, in the sport articles industry, in shipbuilding, in the construction of buildings and in the packaging of products.

The extensive use of aluminium in construction and in buildings makes the latter energy-efficient, while its extremely good load-bearing capacity given its weight renders it becomes ideal for implementing structural designs offering extremely good stability while also giving shape to modern architectural forms. In the automotive industry, the use of aluminium helps to substitute heavy materials and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition to its use in industry, aluminium is also known for its widespread use in packaging. Aluminium packaging solutions allow products to be manufactured, stored, distributed and used more efficiently. Aluminium foil and disposable utensils made from aluminium, to mention just two examples, are ideal for warming up food or also for cooking food lightly, and can also be used to keep food warm or cold and to transport it.

In packaging, the fact that aluminium is ideal for recycling, offers significant advantages. It can be easily separated from other recyclable materials, it can be sorted inexpensively and there is no limit to the number of times it can be recycled, always with the same raw material quality. Aluminium tins are the prime example here: they have become a part of everyday life and are one of the most common items that households collect for recycling.

Finally, the use of aluminium in the pharmaceutical sector should not be neglected: aluminium is used in special packaging solutions for pharmaceutical and medical products, to ensure that their contents are protected and kept sterile.

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