Career Opportunities - Selection Procedure

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Human Resources

For ALUMINIUM, the development of its employees is deeply rooted in its “corporate DNA”.

Career Opportunities - Selection Procedure

MYTILINEOS Company seeks to attract, identify and retain with the Company the most talented candidates. To this end, the Company’s Human Resources Direction adopts the most up-to-date personnel selection techniques and applies them depending on the profile of each individual candidate.

The selection procedure consists of the following stages:

  • Evaluation of the application - CV: The Human Resources Direction evaluates all submitted applications and CVs, checking in order to ensure that the candidates meet all the qualifications and skills required for each available job position.
  • Skills tests: These tests have been designed to assess the candidate’s current level of skills and his/her potential for future development, and help make the evaluation procedure more efficient.
  • Personal interviews.

You can see the available job openings immediately. If no available job opening matches your professional profile, you can enter your CV details here.

Available Job Positions
Currently there are no job openings available.

If you wish to join MYTILINEOS, you can enter your CV details here.

Your CV will be evaluated in strict confidentiality. If it meets the requirements of the job, a representative of our Human Resources Department will contact you; otherwise your CV will remain in our electronic archives for a period of two years. Should any of the information that you supplied or your preference for the job change during this time, you can resubmit your CV.

Wishing to help the establishment of more effective links between Tertiary Education organisations and the labour market, the Company offers the opportunity for practical traineeship to a limited number of students from Technological Educational Institutes (TEI) and Universities during the months of July and August. This opportunity is offered to students of specific disciplines who are children of the Company’s employees or come from the wider local region. The purpose of this practical training is to help students better utilise the knowledge that they acquire during their studies and to obtain first-hand experiences that will help them complete their course of studies and join the country’s production system successfully.

The Company also offers TEI students from specific disciplines that are children of Company’s employees or come from the wider local region, to apply for the six-month mandatory practical training required for graduation.

If you would like to do your mandatory six-month practical training (if you are a TEI student) or two-month practical summer traineeship with the Company, press here to fill in your application.

This is completed by the candidates recommended for recruitment and functions using a code issued by the Personnel Office.

If you accept the job offer, please press here.

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