Aluminium of Greece

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Aluminium of Greece

It is safe to say that the dynamics of ALUMINIUM OF GREECE has been the cornerstone of the development of the Greek aluminium manufacturing industry.

Aluminium of Greece

For MYTILINEOS, the growth and competitiveness of its metallurgy sector is a key strategic priority.

Having completed one largest private-sector investments ever to be carried out in Greece, energy, industrial and environmental in Agios Nikolaos, Viotia, where the industrial complex of ALUMINIUM OF GREECE is located, MYTILINEOS has been established as one of the strongest players in the Metallurgy sector in the European Union.

Today, MYTILINEOS owns the largest vertically integrated alumina and aluminium production and trading plant in the European Union and, together with its mines, is able to drive the growth of the national and European economy as well as the country’s periphery. It is the second largest bauxite producer in Greece and in Europe, with an annual production of 650,000 tons of bauxite exclusively from underground mines.

The Company’s strategy in the Metallurgy sector focuses on the following:

  • Providing optimal products and solutions to its clients, beyond the mere supply of commodities
  • Seeking new projects geared towards vertical integration or expansion, to strengthen its business in the sector
  • Increasing its competitiveness through strategic investments and the risk-hedging methods

MYTILINEOS aluminium plant, ALUMINIUM OF GREECE remains one of the strongest pillars of Greek industry, with an annual production capacity that exceeds 182,000 tons of aluminium and 820,000 tons of alumina. The Company’s industrial complex in Ag. Nikolaos, Viotia, employs 1,100 people directly and more than 400 indirectly, and applies production and trading practices on a par with those of the world’s top metallurgical industries.

Since its establishment, the Company has been a catalyst for local growth and is proud to support – and be supported by – generations of employees who are the driving force of an industry that is developing pioneering know-how at the global level.

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