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Delphi-Distomon SA

The second largest bauxite producer in Greece and in Europe.


For DELPHI-DISTOMON, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is closely linked to its growth and business practices. The Company’s ceaseless efforts in this area are expressed by its contribution to the economic growth of the local communities, where it operates, by its care to ensure a safe and modern working environment for its employees, and by its ongoing initiatives aimed at protecting the natural environment and reducing its environmental footprint.

The DELPHI DISTOMON SINGLE MEMBER MINING S.A is active in the extraction of bauxite from underground mines.

Due to its’ type of operations, size, extended activities and also due to its’ proximity with areas of particular sensitivity including: a) areas protected by the Natura

2000 network, b) the ‘Delphi landscape’, c) the Parnassos National Park, is presenting a multiple environmental interest.

In the context of the perspective for sustainable development, the respect of the environment is a priority of equal importance alongside safety of the personnel,financial performance and customer satisfaction.

To this end, the Management studies and establishes an environmental policy which is the basis for an Environmental Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001:2015 including energy management and energy efficiency improvement.

With this policy the Company is committed to :

  • The fulfillment of compliance obligations (legal requirements, decisions of ministries). Especially the decisions of the competent ministries in matters of activity licensing include the archeological sites, areas (Natura etc).
  • The protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution, in the exercise of its productive activity by adopting precautionary measures to deal with any risk of permanent or accidental pollution or environmental accidents and the preparation of action plans for the prevention or elimination of them.
  • The special commitment for the utilization of rainwater and groundwater at construction sites.
  • The protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • The continuous improvement of the E.M.S.* in order to improve the environmental performance.
  • The integration of environmental criteria in the decision-making process.

Environmental Policy is available to stakeholders and is regularly reviewed by the Management.

*E.M.S. : Environmental Management System

Click HERE to read the Environmental Policy 2021. 

Health & Safety during operations at the facilities of the company, which include «headquarters, warehouse, maintenance dept. & underground bauxite mining workplaces», are always top priority.

Despite the progress that has been made in this area and the significant reduction in the number of accidents in recent years, efforts continue in order to continuously improve our performance.

By establishing and continuously improving an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSS) which is structured according to the international standard ISO 45001:2018, alongside the commitment to comply with ILO Conventions on Occupational Health and Safety including where relevant in ILO Conventions 155 and 176. The management of the company is committed to continuously improve its working conditions and to take all those actions, so that we all work at a safe working environment, without accidents or occupational diseases at work.

Our key commitments are:

  • The identification and assessment of occupational hazards in normal and abnormal operation, as well as taking measures to eliminate or reduce them and reduce risk.
  • Dealing with potential threats and taking advantage of any opportunities related to health and safety at work.
  • Compliance with all the legal requirements for Health and Safety at work, applicable standards, internal procedures and instructions, as well as other compliance obligations that bind the company.
  • The open, continuous and transparent communication, consultation and participation of our staff, for all issues related to Health and Safety at work. The workers have the right to understand the hazards and safe practices for their work, and the authority to refuse or stop unsafe work.
  • The consistent and systematic inspection of the processes, the organization, the procedures and the instructions of HSMP*, in order to ensure their continuous updating and improvement, the respect of the rules and the achievement of the goals that we set each time.

The conscious commitment of each of us, the Management and all the staff of the company and its associates, is to maintain Health and Safety at Work as the first priority always and everywhere with the main goal of "zero" accident from our processes and activities. This commitment is a key condition for the continuous improvement of the HSMP* of our performance.

Health and Safety is a matter for all of us.

*- HSMP: Health & Safety Management Plan

Click HERE to read the Health & Safety Policy 2021

Rehabilitation of Mining Exploitations

Before each new mining activity begins, Environmental Impact and Environmental Rehabilitation Studies are carried out and used as the basis, not only for the mining phase, but also for the rehabilitation phase. On a preliminary basis, the points where mining will take place, to be followed by rehabilitation, are pinpointed with precision, and the planning for each mining exploitation is developed taking into account the need to minimise alterations to the natural environment and the landscape. A detailed mapping of the form and type of the vegetation is also carried out, so that rehabilitation can be basedon the unique features of the local ecosystem.

In most cases, the duration of the activities for rehabilitating the landscape of a mining exploitation depends on the area’s climate, terrain and soil. Rehabilitation begins by backfilling the points, where excavations were made, using sterile materials obtained from the mining operations, which are transported from temporary storage locations. The area under rehabilitation is then landscaped by configuring the materials placed, according to the features of the landscape and to the provisions of the approved study. Where required, the soil is enriched with earth purchased or carried over from other locations for this purpose, and the areas under rehabilitation are fenced in order to protect the vegetation. When sowing and planting are completed, an irrigation network is installed for maintenance of the plants, which remain under constant care for a number of years, while the plants that do not flourish are replaced.

45 years of rehabilitation activities

DELPHI-DISTOMON is systematically involved in rehabilitation activities since 1972, and all its completed mining exploitation sites have been rehabilitated. The Company’s activities in this area can be summarised as follows:

  • Rehabilitation of 25 underground and 15 surface mining exploitations totalling 2,290,000 sq.m. (229 hectares). Rehabilitation is currently in progress for another 7 mining exploitations totalling 610,000 sq.m. (61 hectares)
  • Planting of 1,124,000 seedlings (till 31.12.2017)
  • Installation of 72,500 m of fencing and of 678 km of irrigation systems
  • Handing over of 882,000 sq.m. (88,2 hectares) of rehabilitated forest land to the competent Forestry Departments
  • Collaboration with known design firms on the Environmental Impact Studies and Environmental Rehabilitation Studies
  • Permanent collaboration with specialised laboratories, organisations and Universities
  • Selection of associates with suitable specialisations and many years of experience
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