Corporate Culture

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Human Resources

For ALUMINIUM, the development of its employees is deeply rooted in its “corporate DNA”.

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the binding element that ensures cohesion and unity in the course of a company’s development. Our Corporate culture is defined by our people and applies to each and every one of us – from the top Management down to the production line. It is founded on the continuous investment in the Company’s human capital, which is its main driving force. To this end, through a working environment that sets it apart from other businesses, MYTILINEOS:

  • Gives priority to attract and retain qualified individuals with principles and values 
  • Seeks to constantly provide its people with tools and opportunities that will help them develop their abilities and will support their career advancement
  • Encourages innovation, initiative, learning and diversity.
  • Creates work conditions that foster the development of creativity.
  • Utilizes the capabilities of its human capital, which are the key of improving the quality of products and services.
  • Recognizes the significance for employees of maintaining a healthy balance between their professional and family obligations.
  • Undertakes actions to strengthen communication and dialogue with employees and to establish mutual trust.
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