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Corporate Social Responsibility

ALUMINIUM has repeatedly gained distinctions from the European Aluminium Association and the International Aluminium Institute as a top performer in Occupational Health & Safety.


Energy consumption

The rational management of energy and the reduction of energy consumption are key objectives for ALUMINIUM OF GREECE. To this end, the Company conducts checks and carries out modernization works in its aluminium production branch, the most energy-consuming of its activities, is supplied with the high-pressure steam produced by the Cogeneration Plant and undertakes initiatives to sensitize its personnel to energy-saving practices.

Pollution management and prevention and CO2 emissions

“The prevention of all hazards of permanent or accidental pollution and the development, testing and implementation of procedures for emergency response in extraordinary circumstances” is a core commitment of ALUMINIUM OF GREECE. To this end, the Company undertakes a broad range of actions, the most important of which are the following:

  • Management of infrastructures and adoption of best available techniques.
  • Monthly monitoring of emission levels for sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, and containment of the respective emissions at annual levels below those specified by the applicable laws.
  • Strict control of production processes and prevention of potential leakages.
  • Readiness and completeness of the pollution fighting means available to deal with a potential sea pollution incident.
  • Operation of the Cogeneration Plant, which has reduced the annual consumption of fuel oil by 60%.


Water consumption

The rational management of groundwater is of particular importance to ALUMINIUM OF GREECE, as the Company is the major consumer of water in the region. For this reason, the Company’s industrial complex, as well as the settlements around it, is supplied with water obtained exclusively from wells drilled and managed by the Company.


Waste disposal

The management of solid waste is probably the greatest challenge that ALUMINIUM OF GREECE is facing. The most important of the Company’s concerted initiatives in this area is that concerning the utilization of bauxite residues. To this end, the Company has carried out major investments for the installation of four filter presses. At the same time, a study is being carried out to explore the potential for the utilization of bauxite residues in the production of other industrial materials. In 2011, the Company’s goal to dispose all bauxite residues on land was achieved, with the disposal taking place in a specially configured area inside the plant complex.