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Delphi-Distomon SA

The second largest bauxite producer in Greece and in Europe.

Health & Safety Policy

For DELPHI-DISTOMON, the health and safety of its employees is a top priority. As a result, the Company has one of the lowest accident incidence/severity rates in the mining sector.

The Company’s goal and daily commitment is “ZERO ACCIDENTS AND ZERO OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES”.

In line with the above, by establishing and constantly improving a Health & Safety Management System in accordance with the ELOT 1801:2007 Greek Standard, the Management of the Company is working to ensure the continuous improvement of working conditions.

The core commitments of this System are the following:

  • To identify and assess occupational hazards under normal and, especially, under exceptional conditions of operation, and to adopt measures to eliminate or mitigate them.
  • To comply with the provisions of the laws on Occupational Health & Safety and with the applicable standards and internal procedures and guidelines.
  • To establish open, transparent and ongoing communication regarding all Occupational Health & Safety issues.
  • To measure and evaluate regularly the levels of exposure to harmful factors, to make systematic efforts to reduce these levels and monitor the health of employees continuously.
  • To carry out consistent and regular inspections of the processes in place, as well as of the related organisation and guidelines, with the aim of ensuring their continuous updating and improvement, and to guarantee adherence to the regulations and achievement of the targets, as these are set each time.
  • To provide all Company personnel and associates with training on safety issues.

The conscious commitment made by the Company’s Management and by all its personnel and associates is to maintain Occupational Health & Safety as our top priority – all the time, everywhere. This commitment is a key condition for the continuous improvement of our performance. As a result of this conscious commitment, DELPHI-DISTOMON is today ranked as one of the sector’s top performers globally in Occupational Health & Safety.

Health and Safety concern us all.

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