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Product quality, technical support and customer service are areas where ALUMINIUM OF GREECE is striving for constant improvement of its performance.


The industrial complex of MYTILINEOS is the most modern vertically integrated production plant of alumina and aluminium and the largest of its kind in the European Union. The complex, located in the coastal area of Agios Nikolaos, in the Prefecture of Viotia, is strategically positioned in the centre of the mountainous region defined by Mt Helikon, Mt Parnassus and Mt Giona – Greece’s major bauxite deposits zone.

Infrastructures also include the nearby port, which allows direct access to sea transport and offers flexibility. Occupying a total area of 75 hectares, the Company’s industrial complex comprises of the following:

  • The Bauxite delivery and collection areas
  • The Alumina production plant
  • The Aluminium production plant
  • The Cogeneration Plant
  • The Port facilities
  • The Pollution-fighting facilities
  • The Areas for Storage of fuel and raw materials
  • The Central and local maintenance workshops
  • The Support Activities (Environment, Quality, Safety, Chemical Laboratory, IT, Medical Station, Personnel Management etc.)

It is noteworthy that during the three-year period from 2005 to 2007, the energy, industrial and environmental investments carried out in the industrial complex of MYTILINEOS were the largest ever to be undertaken by a private company in Greece.


The port facilities comprise of the dock, with a berthing capacity for vessels up to 50,000 tons, two electric self-moving rail cranes, the calcined alumina loading facility, the liquid cargo handling facilities and the necessary storage and warehousing spaces.

The port facilities also include the necessary sea pollution prevention and/or fighting systems (communication equipment, barriers, absorbents etc.).

The 334 MW High Efficiency Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant, or Cogeneration Plant, is located in the south section of the complex. Entering in operation in 2008, it is an innovative investment for Greece, as well as for the broader region of SE Europe. It operates using natural gas and produces heat, used in the alumina production process, as well as electricity, which can be injected into the national grid. At the same time, its operation helps significantly reduce the use of fuel oil in the plant and, consequently, to improve the plant’s environmental performance.

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