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Delphi-Distomon SA

The second largest bauxite producer in Greece and in Europe.


Rehabilitation of Mining Exploitations

Before each new mining activity begins, Environmental Impact and Environmental Rehabilitation Studies are carried out and used as the basis, not only for the mining phase, but also for the rehabilitation phase. On a preliminary basis, the points where mining will take place, to be followed by rehabilitation, are pinpointed with precision, and the planning for each mining exploitation is developed taking into account the need to minimise alterations to the natural environment and the landscape. A detailed mapping of the form and type of the vegetation is also carried out, so that rehabilitation can be basedon the unique features of the local ecosystem.

In most cases, the duration of the activities for rehabilitating the landscape of a mining exploitation depends on the area’s climate, terrain and soil. Rehabilitation begins by backfilling the points, where excavations were made, using sterile materials obtained from the mining operations, which are transported from temporary storage locations. The area under rehabilitation is then landscaped by configuring the materials placed, according to the features of the landscape and to the provisions of the approved study. Where required, the soil is enriched with earth purchased or carried over from other locations for this purpose, and the areas under rehabilitation are fenced in order to protect the vegetation. When sowing and planting are completed, an irrigation network is installed for maintenance of the plants, which remain under constant care for a number of years, while the plants that do not flourish are replaced.

45 years of rehabilitation activities

DELPHI-DISTOMON is systematically involved in rehabilitation activities since 1972, and all its completed mining exploitation sites have been rehabilitated. The Company’s activities in this area can be summarised as follows:

  • Rehabilitation of 25 underground and 15 surface mining exploitations totalling 2,290,000 sq.m. (229 hectares). Rehabilitation is currently in progress for another 7 mining exploitations totalling 610,000 sq.m. (61 hectares)
  • Planting of 1,124,000 seedlings (till 31.12.2017)
  • Installation of 72,500 m of fencing and of 678 km of irrigation systems
  • Handing over of 882,000 sq.m. (88,2 hectares) of rehabilitated forest land to the competent Forestry Departments
  • Collaboration with known design firms on the Environmental Impact Studies and Environmental Rehabilitation Studies
  • Permanent collaboration with specialised laboratories, organisations and Universities
  • Selection of associates with suitable specialisations and many years of experience
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