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Product quality, technical support and customer service are areas where ALUMINIUM OF GREECE is striving for constant improvement of its performance.


MYTILINEOS through ALUMINIUM OF GREECE epitomizes the impressive growth of the metallurgy sector in Greece and the advanced know-how in industrial and trade practices, available only to the sector’s world leaders. Product quality, technical support and customer service are areas of constant improvement for the Company.

The Company’s products are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 International Standard. In addition, its chemical laboratory is accredited by the Hellenic Accreditation System S.A. (ESYD) in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 17025:2005 International Standard, for the chemical analysis of bauxites, of alumina and of aluminium and its alloys.

Bauxite, which is mined by the mines of MYTILINEOS, DELPHI-DISTOMON, is the basic raw material for the production of alumina and aluminium. It is a mineral deposit rock formed by a mixture of metal oxides, named after the French city of Baux, where the ore’s deposits were first found. In Greece, the most important known bauxite deposits are estimated at around 100 million tons and are located in the Mt Helikon – Mt Parnassus – Mt Giona zone. Greek bauxites are of diasporic type and are composed of 1 molecule of crystalline water per 1 molecule of alumina (aluminium oxide).

Alumina is the industrial product derived from bauxite ore and is used to produce primary cast aluminium, as well as other non-metallurgical products (abrasives and insulating materials, refractory materials, detergents, pharmaceuticals and substances used in the treatment of water). Alumina, which is extracted from bauxite using the Bayer method, may be hydrated or calcined (anhydrous), depending on the degree to which it has been processed. Calcined alumina, also known as metallurgical grade alumina, is obtained by baking hydrated alumina, in order to remove the quantities of water contained in it.

MYTILINEOS, through ALUMINIUM OF GREECE, produces primary cast aluminium by electrolysing calcined (anhydrous) alumina. To process primary cast aluminium and deliver the end products (billets, slabs and T-ingots), the Company’s production plant comprises of the following:

  • The Anodes Line, which produces assembled anodes and ensures their supply to the Electrolysis Line. It has an annual output capacity of 90,000 tons of baked anodes.
  • The Electrolysis Line, with an annual production capacity of 164,000 tons of liquid aluminium.
  • The Foundry Line, where the liquid metal is cast and formed in billets (124,000 tons) and slabs (40,000 tons).
  • The Production Support Line, which ensures the reconstruction of the protective coating of the electrolysis basins and of the foundry ladles.


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