Supply Chain management

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Corporate Social Responsibility

ALUMINIUM has repeatedly gained distinctions from the European Aluminium Association and the International Aluminium Institute as a top performer in Occupational Health & Safety.

Supply Chain management

ALUMINIUM OF GREECE, recognizing that the diffusion of basic values ​​and standards in its supply chain is a key component of responsible business behavior, publishes the first edition of its “Supplier & Business Partners Code of Conduct”.The Business Unit’s operating principles on Procurement issues, described in this Code, arise from the business Values ​​of MYTILINEOS.For the Company, this initiative aims to promote Environmental Protection, to ensure Health Insurance, to ensure good working practices, to enhance transparency and the prevention of child and forced labor, as well as also to include the implementation of good sustainable practices in its supply chain, which generates mutual benefits.

The Procurement Policy followed by ALUMINIUM OF GREECE, makes no distinction between local and non-local suppliers. However, since the company is operating in the Greek market, the supporting of local suppliers is one of its key sustainability practices.

For MYTILINEOS, the term “local supplier” refers to the Company’s suppliers and associates which are located in the geographical region within which the Company exercises its business activity and, depending on the Company’s needs, the term gradually extends to cover the entire Greek territory.

The criteria that the company uses to select its suppliers include:

  • Pricing Policy,

  • Product Quality,

  • Customer Service,

  • Conformity to the “Suppliers & Business partners Code of Conduct” of ALUMINIUM OF GREECE and

  • the Overall market status of each supplier or business partner.

The procedures and practices applied in the selection of suppliers are characterized by transparency and meritocracy.

MYTILINEOS, despite the adverse economic conditions in Greece, displays consistency in the timely payment of its suppliers and business partners, as defined in the contracts awarded.

Additional information regarding the “Suppliers & Business partners Code of Conduct” of ALUMINIUM OF GREECE can be found here