Sustainable Growth

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Corporate Social Responsibility

ALUMINIUM has repeatedly gained distinctions from the European Aluminium Association and the International Aluminium Institute as a top performer in Occupational Health & Safety.

Sustainable Growth

For ALUMINIUM OF GREECE, Corporate Social Responsibility, both as a theoretical concept and as a field for applied initiative and action, is a precondition for its sustained growth and dynamism. The Company’s commitment to ensure the prosperity of its people, the development of its local community and the protection of the environment governs all aspects of its business strategy. As a responsible corporate citizen, the Company invests and carries out innovative actions in three key areas: Occupational Health and Safety, including Occupational Hazards Prevention; Environment; and Support of Local Communities.

The business growth of the Metallurgy Business Unit (ALUMINIUM OF GREECE) is governed by the principles of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development adopted by MYTILINEOS. The diagram below shows the key CSR action lines and corresponding priority areas for MYTILINEOS:

Axis and Priotiies of CSR